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    What is e-waste

    E-waste is a popular, informal name for electronic
    products nearing the end of their "useful life." Computers,
    televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are
    common electronic products. Many of these products can be
    reused, refurbished, or recycled. Unfortunately,
    electronic discards is one of the fastest growing
    segments of our nation's waste stream.

    History of e-waste

    One theory is that increased regulation of electronic waste and concern over the environmental harm in mature economies creates an economic disincentive to remove residues prior to export. Critics of trade in used electronics maintain that it is too easy for brokers calling themselves recyclers to export unscreened electronic waste to developing countries, such as China, India.

    Why Recycling?

    Recycling raw materials from end-of-life
    electronics is the most effective solution
    to the growing e-waste problem. Most
    electronic devices contain a variety of
    materials, including metals that can be
    recovered for future uses. By dismantling
    and providing reuse possibilities, intact
    natural resources are conserved and air
    and water pollution caused by hazardous
    disposal is avoided. Additionally,
    recycling reduces the amount of
    greenhouse gas emissions caused
    by the manufacturing of new products.

    Benefits of Recycling

    According to a report by UNEP titled,
    "Recycling - from E-Waste to Resources," the
    amount of e-waste being produced - including
    mobile phones and computers - could rise by
    as much as 500 percent over the next decade
    in some countries, such as India.The United
    States is the world leader in producing
    electronic waste, tossing away about 3 million
    tons each year.China already produces
    about 2.3 million tons (2010 estimate)
    domestically, second only to the United States.
    And, despite having banned e-waste imports,
    China remains a major e-waste dumping
    ground for developed countries.
About E-Waste Recovery Center

Secured Electronic and IT Asset Recycling Service since 2000

E-Waste Recovery Center is a leading IT and Electronic asset recovery, recycling and disposition company.  Located in Pomona of Southern California, E-Waste Recovery Center is a State of California Approved Electronic Waste Recycler that provides services to corporations, government agencies, schools, and the general public. E-Waste Recovery Center collects and process over 6 million pounds of obsolete IT and electronic equipments annually. 

Through our years of experience, we understand every organization has different needs when dealing with its retired IT equipment and electronic waste. No matter you are small home business, mid-to-large size corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, or educational organizations, we will tailor our electronic waste management service to fit your special requirements.  

At E-Waste Recovery Center, we focus intensively on eliminating the risks surrounding data security, compliance, and environmental impact, while maximizing value recovery on IT asset investment for our customers. All equipments are processed in our EPA permitted facilities with advanced technologies and applications under government guidelines while ensuring the confidentiality of customers’ important data and information.

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Excellence in Service. Excellence in Environment

At E-Waste Recovery Center, we recognize the urgent needs of saving our environment. That is why every single one of our employees is committed and dedicated to help our customers properly and environmental friendly manage and recycle their retired IT and electronic equipment while ensuring the confidentiality of important data.

With EPA permitted facility and process, E-Waste Recovery Center helps divert over 6 million pounds of materials annually from landfill by performing unparalleled material recovery and recycling tasks. E-Waste Recovery Center recycles all types of electronics. Our special designed process empowers us to achieve over 98% recycling rate and optimal material recovery value.
We are committed to provide our customers genuine services with

  • Accountability
  • Visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Government Compliance

At E-Waste Recovery Center, we not only want to help our clients securely process and recycle their retired IT assets and electronic devices but also help them protect the environment and their communities. By working with E-Waste Recovery Center, our clients can become supportive to the sustainability of our eco-system . 


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We understand that each company’s needs are different and that the program utilized may have a unique set of requirements.  Thus we designed flexible and customizable processes and programs that can identify each special need. Our flexible services are available for organizations with all sizes alone with following benefits:

  • Accountability:
    Provides a single point of contact, end-to-end visibility, and detailed data security and reports
  • End-to-End Visibility:
    Web-Based Reporting and Tracking System.
  • Data Feedback
    Provide valuable data from recovery and recycling end for product improvements.
  • Data Security
    Removes tags and labels from equipment and overwrites hard disks.
  • Logistics and Transportation
    E-Waste Recovery Center provides transportation to pick up material from clients’ facilities nationwide with minimum cost.
  • Decrease Hassle:
    Frees you to focus on your core business.
  • An environmentally Safe Process
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increase Savings
    Value Recovery may provide cash back for your computer equipments.
  • Proper Disposal
    Properly dispose of Electronic Waste in accordance with EPA guidelines.